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AFLOWT LV AFLOWT LV Installation manual
AFLOWT LV AFLOWT LV Operation manual, part 1
AFLOWT LV AFLOWT LV Operation manual, part 2


  • contactless measurement of the level of various fluids and of media interface distance in one or two measurement channels;
  • automatic accounting for ultrasound velocity alteration upon alteration of gas medium parameters;
  • minimum influence of surface foam on measurement results;
  • transducer periodic self-cleaning from condensate and fouling;
  • transmitter can be placed at a distance of up to 250 m from the measurement site;
  • high-temperature sensors (0 ÷ 100°С) available;
  • intrinsically safe version available (Ex-proof);
  • applicable as level indicator (up to 8 level values) or distance meter.

Measured Media:

Any fluid medium (water, oil products, corrosive liquids, waste water, liquid foods, etc.)


  • fluid level measurement in reservoirs, open channels, wells, tanks;
  • water level difference measurement at hydropower plants, in sluices, between reservoirs;
  • fluid volume calculation for two reservoirs with given volume characteristics;
  • waste water level measurement at treatment facilities.

Acoustic system (AS) versions:

  • AS-111-113 – without acoustic duct, with temperature sensor;
  • AS-40x-110 – with reference reflector, flanged-type mounting;
  • AS-50x-110 – with reference reflector, suspension-type mounting;
  • AS-6xx-110 – with temperature sensor (1 or 2), flanged-type mounting;
  • AS-7xx-110 – with temperature sensor (1 or 2), suspension-type mounting.


Parameter Value
Maximum distance, m:
- without Ex-proof unit
- with Ex-proof unit
Absolute accuracy of distance and level measurement in isotropic media, mm within ±4,0
Blind zone, m:
- for AS with temperature sensor
- for AS with reference reflector
Interconnection cable length, m up to 250
Transmitter / transducer protection IP54/IP67
Measurement data logging, number of records:
- programmable
- hourly log
- daily log
6 000
1 440
Power supply, VDC 24
Power consumption, VA under 20


  • LCD;
  • RS-232/RS-485 interface;
  • frequency and/or pulse output (on request);
  • analog output (on request);
  • Ethernet (on request);
  • logic outputs (on request).